Oconomowoc Chamber Orchestra Organization

Upcoming Releases
OCO 10th Anniversary Review Video
Featuring Guests:  Composer Sigmund Snopek, Cherie Sonsalla, Executive Director / Oconomowoc Chamber of Commerce, Mike Herro / Oconomowoc Realty & Oconomowoc Rotary Foundation, Blanton Alspaugh, Recording Engineer / Sound Mirror, Composer/Pianist Jacob Beranek, Jennifer D’Alessio / OCO Concertmaster, Composer Diane Wittry, Chris Wanner / Corporate Branch Manager / Bank Five Nine, Roberta Carpenter / OCO Music Director. Host – Ann Rumpf

OCO Photo Album – 10 Years
Celebrating the OCO Spirit & Music

Recent Releases:
May 2021 – YouTube Release of the OCO Online Digital Remote Concert
featuring the Boccherini Cello Concerto in Bb
with Cello Soloist Benjamin Whitcomb, ‘After the Rain’ by Diane Wittry,
Presentation of the OCO 2021 Chatfield Award, and the OCO-bot’s Theme Song
composed and performed by Lanette Calhoun, and the OCO-bot Dialogue to the Audience.
Click Here for the YouTube link. 

Release of the OCO 2020 Chatfield Award Tribute Video
Click Here for YouTube link.

Release of the OCO 2020 Chatfield Award Presentation Video
Click Here for YouTube link.

Video Release of the OCO Wall Design Video
featuring the Installation and walk through of the OAC design
with John Cramer, OAC Manager & OCO Music Director, Roberta Carpenter
Click Here for YouTube link.

Year Round
Registrations open for the Oconomowoc Chamber Orchestra
More information and registration on the OCO – Musician’s Page


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