OCO Music Director

Oconomowoc Chamber Orchestra Music Director Roberta Carpenter comes to the OCO with a broad background of conducting experience, violin performance expertise, years of teaching and music education outreach, and above all, a passion for music!

You’re invited to discover what did come first in ‘The Score Came Second…’ Music Appreciation/Performance Series, hosted by Ms. Carpenter, and can look for Ms. Carpenter on the podium for OCO Concerts.

Ms. Carpenter along with Sound Mirror (Sound Engineering), Sean Kafer (Videographer) and Stuart Oliver and Roberta (Photographers) worked together to bring the best music and images of the Lake Country area together in tour-de-force CD & DVD recordings of the OCO’s Debut Concert recording. The DVD version of the recording was awarded 3rd place in the American Prize Awards for Recordings in the Arts in 2012.

More information about Roberta Carpenter is available at: