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May 19, 2018, 7:00pm
at the OAC

Save the date for this special event.
Lake Tones, Legends & Landscapes Concert
A continuation of the musical depiction of our Lake Country,
with new compositions by Sigmund Snopek, ‘After the Rain’ by Diane Wittry,
as well as musical classics, and the presentation of the 2018 Chatfield Award.

Fanfare for Lake Country
Instrumental Arrangements – Recording
The Theme, Prelude, Nocturne and full Fanfare for Lake Country
(a piece written for our area) was recorded in July ’17 and is now available
in Sheet Music, downloads and CD.
A 1728 Stradivarius violin (Thunis) was on hand for the recording.
This music is available in three levels and for most instrument types.
Click Here for  The Story of Fanfare and more information.

The Chatfield Award Video, Tom Snyder Tribute Video,
Chatfield Recognition Letter from Oconomowoc Mayor Nold
Click Here for more information

Do you know Dave & Betty Reul?
Would you like to send a message, photo, memory
as part of their tribute video as they receive the Chatfield Award?
Click Here for more information.

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